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Job Satisfaction Does Affect Employee Performance

Updated: Mar 28

There’s a direct correlation between job satisfaction and employee engagement. 

How Job Satisfaction Affects Employee Performance.

Have you wondered how job satisfaction affects employee performance? As a corporate impact expert, I have found that there’s a direct correlation between job satisfaction and employee engagement. 

Let me give you an example: In one company, we improved their employee satisfaction in only six months, which sometimes is unheard of. 

>>> We went from 69% to 98%. 
>>> We saved $250,000 a year.

And what could those savings mean for you in dollars?  And what could the engagement mean to your organization?  In a recent study, only 20.8% are engaged.  We were at 90%+ after ½ a year. And we did it with Fun Friday. 

Here are some benefits we enjoyed:

  • Teamwork improved

  • Increased morale

  • Showing an interest in one another

  • Communication was better, in both talking and listening

  • Collaboration in and outside of the group lifted

  • Improved processes

The team began looking for things to do and helping one another. And they took an interest in what other departments did that they impacted. They were happy and satisfied at work. 

Can you imagine? Your employees coming to work because they want to. Because they’re having fun? We improved personal, group, and organizational performance. 

Don't be afraid to implement FUN in your workplace! Download Missy's 10 Tips for Fun in the Workplace.

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