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Factors of Leadership - Part 2

Updated: Mar 28

No two leaders are alike. Many leaders,  however, follow a special set of rules if they are worth their weight and time in investing.

Leadership is ever-evolving. In today’s climate, we should be taking a look at the qualities that leaders possess and what they look like. If you haven’t had a chance to review part one of this leadership series, click here. As I have mentioned before, no two leaders are alike. Many leaders,  however, follow a special set of rules if they are worth their weight and time in investing. If you want to ensure that you have a good leader in place to represent your company, your courses, and anything in between, here are some basic ideologies that they should possess:

  1. Intuition

  2. Experience & Ability

  3. Past Success


Like any skill, intuition can be taught. However, it’s the special leaders that already possess and cultivate their intuition on a regular basis. They lean into what makes them thrive as a leader knowing how and what makes people and opportunities tick. Intuition can be a variety of skills within itself like maintaining energy, boosting the morale of the team, knowing when it’s the right time to initiate a plan or project, and also feeding into the momentum of a project with care and consideration. 

This leader is great at knowing what the current needs are and being able to see what future needs may occur. Ever have that leader order lunch during a long meeting? That person knows that it’s not just about the work, it’s also about keeping your people fueled and energized to accomplish the goal. This person allows feelings to be a factor in how people perceive the tasks or the project itself. They also are aware of what motivates their team as well as possible future leaders within that team.

Experience & Ability

Sometimes leaders are created while others are born. Anyone can be a leader if they use their past experience as a teachable moment to others. Leaders who find value in the challenges that they’ve had in the past are bound to have successful teams and businesses. With experience, strong leaders will be able to seek out a simple solution first. Complexity will often breed in action and a leader who has practiced this will know that this factor can make or break a team.

It is helpful to know what your leader is capable of. If they’ve had past experience and success, then there should be a trial or testament to their past works. What distinguishes us from one another in leadership is how well we have developed our goals and our actions toward making them a reality. You’ll be able to find a leader that is capable if they have taken plenty of experiences or challenges and turn them into productive stories. 

Past Success

In speaking in terms of experience, past success is equally as important. Is there a track record for this potential leader? Have they extended themselves or taken a risk to succeed? What does their story look like? When new leaders are cultivating their experience, they are effectively gaining opportunities to have success stories. No story is too small. Success happens on every level of a journey. Even at the beginning, a leader should think big! Big thoughts are the predecessor of delivering big results.

John Maxwell says that the only true measure of success is the ratio between what we might have been and what we have become. He says in other words, success comes as a result of growing to our potential. Finding a person who has been a constant in growth, planting seeds, and acknowledging said growth will ultimately showcase a leader who will have many past success stories.

If you are having trouble cultivating the skills as a leader, feel free to reach out to me by emailing or if you find that your company is looking to create more leaders from within, send an email to the address above, visit my website or simply call my office at 702-493-2611

As always, remember you are in control of your success, even when you need a little coaching in your corner! 

Make it a great day! 

Missy Day

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