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Factors of Leadership - Part 1

Updated: Mar 28

No two leaders are alike, but many of them follow a special set of rules if they are worth their weight and time in investing.

Leadership comes in many forms. A lot of times, leadership can be interpreted differently depending on the circumstance. For many, it is simply someone who takes the rule of leader or director on a project, a task, or for an organization. You may even see someone taking this role for a company, a course, a coach, or a seminar. Many people will speak on the subject offering their insight into the role or what they’ve experienced having had someone else in the role. Either way, no two leaders are alike, but many of them follow a special set of rules if they are worth their weight and time in investing.

If you want to ensure that you have a good leader in place to represent your company, your courses, and anything in between, here are some basic ideologies that they should possess:

  1. Strong Character 

  2. Sound Relationships

  3. Knowledgeable 

Let’s start breaking these down. 

Strong Character 

A strong character could be defined as a person that can sense the truth and integrity of a situation. This person is honest and forthright in the success of their team as well as themselves. There is a certain level of sincerity and integrity that will elevate this person’s value and enable them to provide the highest levels of service. A big factor in this is taking responsibility. Leaders take responsibility for where they are and then get out in front of the issues by thinking a few moves ahead. Responsible leaders know that they cannot ignore issues but rather they control the priority of the issues and address them accordingly.

Sound Relationships

Like any business or teacher, there is a reputation that a leader will have. What does this reputation look like? Is it a good one or a bad one? You’ll know you have a good leader on your hands if the person in question has sound relationships. For the most part, when you see this person or you meet this person in networking groups, they are always surrounded by the right people. They work well with others but also lift those around them.

This person will also have many testimonials, recommendations, and word-of-mouth praise. 

Leaders with sound relationships can leave a company or project and the will of the team or product will stand strong. Not only are all these factors relevant, but a person with sound relationships will have a continued client base and loyalty factor. If you find people are constantly returning to this person for advice and help, then you know they have stood the test of time and people see value in them.


In this day and age, anyone can be an expert. You can make your own certificates or you could take an online course that lets you print one. The only difference between finding a leader that is tried and true to finding one that looks good on paper is to look for people that have legitimate training. not many people can go through a course, say like John Maxwell training, and be allowed to continue if they don’t demonstrate their knowledge practically.

You know you have a good leader on your hands when they bring the factual product to your door. If they’ve studied and learned the facts, they know where to replicate them and get them to you. Not only would this person have multiple pieces of training under their belt, but they would also be able to teach others. How has this person developed their goals and actions toward making them a reality? If they have a proven track record, then you know they’re made of leadership material. 

If you are having trouble cultivating your skills as a leader, feel free to reach out to me by emailing or if you find that your company is looking to create more leaders from within, send an email to the address above or visit my website

As always, remember you are in control of your success, even when you need a little coaching in your corner! 

Make it a great day! 

Missy Day

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