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Low Productivity At Work

Have you ever experienced low productivity at work?

Our Fun Friday moved a team from 80% to 95% productivity in only six months. That’s crazy, right? Not only did we have low productivity, but we had low morale too.  This department had five managers in two years. In fact, they placed bets on how long I would last.

As a Corporate Impact expert, I knew how we could change this. And we did.  We went viral – in a good way.  Other groups wanted to watch us in action on FUN Friday.  Our leadership team wanted the other sites to model us, so they could achieve the same achievements we did.

Our Fun Friday approach to increase engagement and productivity with this team also worked in these areas:

  • Communication – which is not only talking but listening as well
  • Collaboration – work with other organizations to unite our team further
  • Results – the leadership team noticed
  • Cost Savings – This team saved $250,000 and two FTE in just one year
  • Expansion within the company – our success has opened doors for other departments. 

 All this from implementing FUN.

And it’s so simple, people can hardly believe it sometimes.

If you would like more information on how you can experience FUN in your workplace, please visit here.