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Employee Turnover Solution text and Female coach picture

Have you ever experienced high employee turnover in your company?

Well, the quickest and effective way and the best investment that I ever had was turning 15 minutes of fun every Friday in our workplace. And we saw a significant change in as little as three to six months. 

As a Corporate Impact expert, the only way that we get these results, is by starting at the top, with the leadership team. If you think in terms of the team as a direct reflection of their leader, you have a different outlook on the outcome. 

The leadership team is the first place I start when I train for fun in the workplace. My philosophy is, why would you ask your team to do something that you’re not willing to do yourself?  And how hard is it to have a good time for 15 minutes every week? Because the leaders are the ones that have to set the example for the team, and model collaborative behavior.

Only then can we begin to improve the areas of:

  • productivity 
  • customer satisfaction scores
  • employees/team members commitment

When I work with an organization, I go in and I start at the top, with the executives, the management team. Then we work our way down because once the employees see that their leadership team involvement and they’ve bought into the program, it goes much easier.  And once it goes in motion, it’s a hard train to stop. It’s a win-win for the employees, the leaders, and the customers. 

If you’d like more information on how you can have FUN in your workplace, please see here.